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Welcome to the site for Professor George Berwick

This site provides access to a set of resources which illustrates the work of George Berwick. Collaborations with OLEVI and Challenge Partners can also be found here, this website also gives an insight to future works and plans. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

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Blog & Latest News

Posted: 21st October 2020

Frame your approach with a theory of action

By looking at the variables, you can determine your route to school improvement. Here we remind ourselves of the origins of this blog and how the approach we adopted in the past can be applied to guide you in the future. Time really does fly. It’s already been around a year since we launched this […]

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Posted: 9th October 2020

Meeting the challenges head-on

Two very different regions have each faced their own unique challenges during the pandemic. Now, as we adapt to a new educational landscape, we learn how Jersey and Wales are approaching the months ahead. While the severity of the coronavirus outbreak varies considerably between the island of Jersey and the urban environment of Cardiff, the […]

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Posted: 6th October 2020

Confusion reigns in the classroom

A lot is going on within our collaborative communities at the moment, so to keep you informed of events, we shall dedicate the next two blog posts to the global update.  In this, the first, we report on Quebec and England and in the second we focus on Dubai, Jersey, Sweden and Wales.  When I […]

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