Challenge Partners

The Four Capitals

Introducing the key components of effective knowledge management

four-capitalsFrom our experiences we know that there are excellent solutions in the school system to all the issues faced by teachers, non-teaching staff, school leaders, and governors. However, as is often common in the education sector, these solutions do not reside with those who need them because methods for their transfer are often ineffective.

Our solution to this is to adopt a knowledge management  approach. By effectively managing the knowledge we have at  this point in time about outstanding practice we are in the position  of improving the life chances of the young people we serve. This is  our moral purpose and underpins everything we do. Our belief, supported by practice over the past twelve years, is that to achieve this, our theory of action needs to:

It was these four foundations of effective knowledge management, based on George Berwick’s depiction of the ‘capitals’ – moral knowledge, social and organisational, which drove the school-to-school approach to the London Challenge, and now underpins the work of Teaching School Alliances and Challenge Partners.