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Western Quebec School Board

  21st October 2014

Sir George Berwick has worked with the WQSB for the last 14 years and is looking forward to continuing his work this month.

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Schools North East Summit

  10th October 2014

The Power of your Peers.…

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“The Four Capitals” publication by Challenge Partners

  2nd July 2014

Read more here.…

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OLEVI Collaborative Learning Model

  21st May 2014

TheĀ OLEVI Collaborative Learning Model can be downloaded here.…

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Challenge Partners-Challenge The Gap

  6th March 2014

Challenge the Gap is a strategic whole school programme, developed by Challenge Partners, which has been shown to significantly improve the academic performance of pupil premium pupils through school-to-school learning and a collaborative approach to tackling gaps.…

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Challenge Partners Review Paper

  27th February 2014

Challenge Partners releases evidence on the strength of peer reviews.…

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