Welcome to the blog

The purpose of this blog is to support the collaborative learning community which has emerged as a result of the development of an effective knowledge management approach to school improvement. Specifically schools involved in the Olevi Alliance and Challenge Partners.

In the early stages I shall be the main author, with Graham Hutson as the editor. It is hoped that over time, others will contribute. We will only reference information available in the public domain. Our comments will be positive and always recognise the source of the information.

The blog will leverage events and emerging issues to help illustrate key concepts and models used in the theory of action that has emerged from the work which started in earnest in 2003 with my role in London Challenge. Many of these are already published on George Berwick Associates and where appropriate we will link through to them. However, there are others which have been illustrated and not described and others that I have used in my work coaching and teaching colleagues which have proved useful. These will now be shared. In addition, the blog will occasionally profile key contributors to the work and reviews of papers and books which further illuminate the work.