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Embedding the Rs

  24th January 2020

At the heart of Olevi lies the principle that shared learning methods are beneficial to all. Here we explain that when it comes to creating successful collaborative learning programmes, it’s all about the Rs.

The principle of collaborative learning has

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The roles people play

  17th January 2020

This week we examine serial or parallel networks, the roles people play within them and how, if we don’t take care to establish them correctly, one faulty connection can plunge everything into darkness.

Serial and parallel networks:

If you thought

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Barriers and context

  10th January 2020

In this post we examine the barriers faced by teachers in implementing student learning, and focus on the main issues.

The barriers between the three main sources of knowledge and the students it needs to reach are numerous. In the

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Collaborative Learning Communities – Making them work

  3rd January 2020

Now that we have established the value of a collaborative learning community and the positive impact it can have on a school, we must examine what it take to ensure such a system can function.

The cart before the horse:

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It’s time to get that monkey off your back

  18th December 2019

As we approach the festive break, we should consider offering goodwill to our colleagues and remind ourselves that last minute burdens from well-meaning peers are best left at the school gates.

Way back in the day, when I first became

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The Collaborative Learning Community self audit

  13th December 2019

Applying the principles of the Collaborative Learning Community to your own organisation will allow you to plan your own path to school improvement.

As you digest the two previous posts, now would be a good time to consider how they …

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