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Collaborative Learning Communities – the journey

  6th December 2019

In my previous post I described the characteristics of the concept of a collaborative learning community that the schools at the Olevi International Conference were working towards.  Here we build upon that description and identify the developmental stages of these

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Collaborative Learning Communities

  29th November 2019

All of the speakers presenting case studies at the Olevi International Conference  described how they were on a learning journey in which working with Olevi was a key component.  In a number of my recent presentations I have attempted to

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A word about the first Olevi conference

  22nd November 2019

As I write this reflection on the First Olevi International Conference, I can hear my historian friend observing: “I hope this introduction of yours is going to be factual and precise and not your normal fare of long-winded generalisation,” and …

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Olevi schools performance

  15th November 2019

As we heard from Richard Lockyer, CEO of Olevi International there are currently over 1500 schools in the Olevi Alliance, situated in 38 countries.  For me the striking similarity to emerge from the case study presentations at the Olevi International …

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Welcome to the blog

  14th November 2019

The purpose of this blog is to support the collaborative learning community which has emerged as a result of the development of an effective knowledge management approach to school improvement. Specifically schools involved in the Olevi Alliance and Challenge Partners.…

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