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What price will we pay for further delays to schooling?

  1st June 2020

The secondary sector will welcome back Year 10 and 12 students from the June 15

A phased return to school will ultimately cost many students further precious time away from the classroom – a point that is causing considerable division among concerned parties.

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Today,  June 1, 2020 is a critical day for

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How do we find a safe route back to the classroom?

  29th May 2020

As we search for evidence of a safe return to a schooling normality we are in danger of finding ourselves in a catch-22 situation, with the research we rely so heavily upon to guide us having dried up as the

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A lot hinges on this pivotal day

  22nd May 2020

Teachers have until today to offer their resignation

The school year can be characterised by certain key dates in the calendar which, completely out of the hands of a headteacher, have the ability to set the tone for all that follows.

During my time as a head teacher

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Western Quebec spearheads return to school

  21st May 2020

A number of the Western Quebec schools serve Gatineau

As debate rages on over how children will return to class around the world, the situation the Western Quebec region has come under national scrutiny.

Global update

With so many of the school systems we are working with considering a

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Return to school is fraught with hurdles

  15th May 2020

As preparations are made for a return to school, elementary pupils appear to have been designated as the first wave, amid social distancing policies and union calls for safety first. Don’t even mention risk assessments.

Schools in China adopted a novel method to ensure social distancing among pupils

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On last

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The growth of the London West Hub

  14th May 2020

A culture of co-operation lies at the heart of the Challenge Partners hubs, the success of which has been proven time and time again. Back at the beginning, we started with only six schools across London, each committed to sharing

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