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Global update: Pandemic ripples are still being felt

  15th October 2021

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

We’re not out of the woods yet in terms of the pandemic. Disruption is still being felt in our schools, with vaccinations and exams under particular pressure.


School attendance

On September 30 102,000 school pupils (1.3 per cent) had

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In business as in education, innovation flows

  8th October 2021

A clear vision and distinct values can be found in the best businesses and also at Challenge Partners.

During the tenth anniversary celebrations of Challenge Partners, Chris Davidson, the recently elected chair, spoke about becoming a sponsor trustee.

Chris drew

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Challenge Partners celebrates its tenth anniversary

  30th September 2021

The charity set up for the improvement of the school system celebrates its milestone with a function at the House of commons.

Congratulations to Challenge Partners for reaching its tenth anniversary as a practitioner-led charity. It was created in 2011

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A lot can change in 100 blog posts

  17th September 2021

As we reach our 100th post, we reflect on a turn of events that we could never have anticipated and how we have all adapted to the changing circumstances.

When we published our first blog post back in November 2019

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Global update: Return to school raises a vaccination dilemma

  13th September 2021

With Covid ever-present in the community, education leaders are faced with difficult choices if schools are to remain open.

Global update 


On Friday September 3, 2021 The Times main leader was titled: Back to School – it is vital

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Global update: Standing on the verge of normality

  3rd September 2021

Vaccinations and strict restrictions are at last beginning to pay dividends in the fight against Covid and schooling is beginning to return to normal

Global update

Over the past few months in all the regions we report on, the number

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