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Theory of action: how organisations learn (pt 6 in a series)

  4th December 2020

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For the theory of action to function we need to step back and view the organisation to which we are applying it as a whole. We need to ensure that each member of staff is continually engaged in attempting to

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Theory of action in practice (pt 5 in a series)

  27th November 2020

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When we translate Chris Argyris’s organisational structures into the context of school improvement, our experience has shown us that two important issues emerge. 

Outstanding teachers can be made

When placing Argyris’s single and double-loop modes of learning into an educational

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Learning loops in a theory of action (pt 4 in a series)

  20th November 2020

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The theory of action translates well into an educational sphere, something we have demonstrated over the previous three posts in this series. Now, we can delve down a layer and discuss the two types of learning described by Argyris and

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Covid calls shots as countries adapt to contrasting strategies

  13th November 2020

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Sweden and Wales are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to dealing with Covid-19, and the education authorities in each country have been forced to play the cards they have been dealt as best they can.


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Virus spread forces radical action

  11th November 2020

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Around the world, governments are being forced to think on their feet to meet new challenges posed by the spread of Covid-19, and our educational establishments must adapt accordingly.

Global update part 1

It is just over a month since

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Theory of action in the classroom (pt 3 in a series)

  4th November 2020

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To illustrate the theory of action as defined by Chris Argyris and his colleagues, we need to apply it to an educational context.  By relating the theory of action to a teacher’s development in school we can see how the

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