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We’re all becoming used to the new normal

  11th April 2020

The impact of coronavirus is being felt across the world and we find ourselves settling into a new way of life, with no indication of when limits on travel and social contact will come to an end. Our educational systems

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The Rs, revisited

  10th April 2020

In blog 10 we described how you could realise and then refine a learning programme by using the Rs. In this blog we use the Rs to identify characteristics of an effective home learning programme. 

Characteristics of an effective homeschooling

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As we adjust to this new playing field, we adapt

  3rd April 2020

We face unique challenges globally in dealing with the limitations placed upon us by the coronavirus pandemic. One thing is increasingly evident – that we are adapting remarkably well to a situation that none of us have experienced before. Home

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In times of crisis we must be ready for change

  27th March 2020

Around the world our colleagues are adapting their teaching methods to deal with the coronavirus emergency. This almost universally means the implementation of home schooling protocols, the likes of which for many are totally unfamiliar. Some of us are already

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We’re all feeling disruption from coronavirus

  20th March 2020

Over the last few months we have been pleased to note a steady up-turn in the numbers of you accessing the blog. We’ve had visitors from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Dubai, Sweden, Jersey, Ireland, France, Australia, China and

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Maximising the benefits of a diverse team

  13th March 2020

Mathew Syed, the world-renowned journalist and author in his opening speech to this year’s Challenge Partners annual conference, described his work on growth mindsets and creating diversified teams. Mathew’s work on growth mindsets has been adopted by a number of

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