The Rs, revisited

In blog 10 we described how you could realise and then refine a learning programme by using the Rs. In this blog we use the Rs to identify characteristics of an effective home learning programme. 

Characteristics of an effective homeschooling programme

Using the principle of the Rs, we would suggest that the following would feature in a good home-based learning programme:



We have assumed, that following our earlier blog which identified the areas of knowledge, that you have selected your programme based upon relevant research, best practice and emerging effective innovation. Then, once you have started, you have collected evidence to create a decision-making audit trail.  So that in time, your homeschooling programme can have sufficient validity and reliability to be incorporated in your Theory of Action. 

Good luck.  We hope you find this useful. As ever if you have any comments to make about this or any of the other blogs please we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks George