We’re all becoming used to the new normal

The impact of coronavirus is being felt across the world and we find ourselves settling into a new way of life, with no indication of when limits on travel and social contact will come to an end. Our educational systems are dealing with this new situation in their own varied ways around the Easter break, but for most, restrictions are the new normal. 

Global update

The United Kingdom is now in the middle of the third week of lockdown and our schools are in the Easter holiday period. Concerns are being expressed about distancing in public places like parks and the cases of Covid-19 are still rising. The Government is not yet indicating when schooling will return to normal and schools are preparing for the long haul. Provision in schools during this holiday period has been made for vulnerable pupils and those of key workers, including provision in some cases of food.  Though it’s the holiday period, staff and parents, or carers, are gearing up for homeschooling.

With Quebec schools back, albeit virtually, from the Spring Break, Mike Dubeau continues to build on the five key actions he uses to maintain a sense of routine and normality in times of crisis, as discussed in our previous post here. He communicates this through his daily newsletter. Wednesday’s covered:

Mats Rosenqvist tells us that in Sweden, the politicians and experts are continuing to approach the situation a bit differently to the rest of Europe. The Swedish Government has not implemented a lockdown but has instead issued strong recommendations. The population is largely allowed to go about its daily business, although residents of Stockholm are recommended to remain in the city and not travel south to visit anyone over the age of  60. All play and primary schools remain open. Upper secondary and high school education has been transferred online.

Dubai is now into its fifth week of school closure and the third week of homeschooling and the school week finishes on a Thursday.  The routines have been established and with extremely limited external access including not walking the dog and with the temperature rising into the high 30sC and due to hit 40C on Friday things can be a little challenging at times. 

Whether you are back at school like those of you in Canada or Dubai or on your Easter holiday, we wish you a Happy Easter – take care and stay safe.