We’re all feeling disruption from coronavirus

Over the last few months we have been pleased to note a steady up-turn in the numbers of you accessing the blog. We’ve had visitors from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Dubai, Sweden, Jersey, Ireland, France, Australia, China and Hong Kong and the list continues to grow.  Hopefully our approach to school improvement has provided you with something to consider applying to your own circumstances. We also expect that these circumstances are presently in some way affected by the coronavirus. 

All of you face a worrying period of disruption, not only in your schools but at home as well.

The impact on education varies across the world.  For example, schools in the UK will close from today (Friday March 20) for an indefinite period, the schools in Quebec have announced a two-week shut down, and the schools in Dubai have had their Easter holidays brought forward and pupils are to work from home for three weeks after that. One thing is certain – all of you face a worrying period of disruption, not only in your schools but at home as well. 

We know that many of you are responsible for the health and safety of the students in your care. For your older students this should be the time just before the Easter break when the final preparations for  public exams are about to take place. We know that this must be an anxious time for you and our thoughts are with you. 

Although it seems rather trite so say it, do remember that you can only manage what you can manage. 

We have seen a glimmer of hope for the future.  We recently met a young teacher about to fly back to her school in China. The area she works in had been declared clear of the virus and she was excited at the prospect of teaching her six year olds again.  

As to this blog, we thought as we are in uncharted waters we should offer a small beacon of normality and continue as usual.