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Pandemic response reveals a contrasting picture

  30th April 2021

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The reaction to the pandemic from the countries we report on is revealing stark contrasts in fortunes as time goes on.

In part two of our global update, our correspondents in Canada, Dubai and Jersey report on the situation in

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Our world wakes up as lockdowns and vaccines begin to pay off

  23rd April 2021

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While many of us are now seeing pandemic restrictions lifted, coronavirus continues to rage in other parts of the world.

Global update

It is now sixteen months since the first signs of the coronavirus were reported in China and thirteen

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Successful collaborative learning takes direction

  16th April 2021

Evidence provided by the Research Schools Network demonstrates the importance of leadership in facilitating knowledge sharing.

It has always been our conviction that leadership plays a critical role in creating a collaborative learning environment within and between schools. Now we

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Kickstart networks for the good of the school ecosystem

  31st March 2021

The restrictions of the pandemic have impacted the networks required to maintain effective collaboration. Now is the time to bring them back to life.

It is reassuring to see that we are not alone in our suggestion that getting your

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WQSB case study pt2: Working with purpose – the Capitals driving new approaches

  26th March 2021

The influx of non-qualified teachers into the school system in recent months led to the Western Quebec School Board to draw from the Capitals that anchor all work in their Teacher Induction Programme.

Dealing with staff shortages through the pandemic

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Serendipity catches the wave

  19th March 2021

Sometimes innovation can arrive when you’re looking for something else, but to make the most of it, you need to be ready to identify it and ride it as far as it will take you. 

Innovation is often serendipitous

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